Quality Manager

Our Secret Weapon:  Sandy McIntosh

Sandra "Sandy" McIntosh is WHK's Quality Manager and our Secret Weapon. She's the best friend your products will ever have! 

Nothing gets by her discerning eyes. No detail is too small. There is no such thing as "good enough." If it's not perfect, it doesn't ship. Period.

Sandy started her quality career back in 1990 in medical device and polymer manufacturing. She has a BS in Quality Control/ Assurance Engineering, with an extensive background in medical device and biopharm manufacturing. Sandy brings over two decades of medical device design, quality knowledge and experience to WHK, including the successful completion of two FDA audits, as well as countless audits by most major pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. 

She lives and breathes validation, a nightmare for most, but child's play for her. Yes, she's that good!     

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