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Ranging from TPE tubing to customized injection molded components our products are fused with innovation to enhance performance for your critical fluid transfer needs.

Tubing, bottle cap and stoppers, as well as our revolutionary TubeCube® tubing connector system are offered by themselves or integrated into a custom assembly.

TPE Class VI Biopharmaceutical Tubing
Considered a standard material in biopharmaceutical processing for decades, this versatile tubing is capable of handling a wide variety of applications including sensitive fluid transfer and peristaltic pumping.

TubeCube® Tubing Connector System

WHK’s TubeCube® Tubing Connector System (Patent Pending) is the industry’s most convenient way to connect several different tubing types and sizes to one single connection point. The innovative design creates a virtually leak-proof seal between tubes while providing a smooth inner bore with unrestricted fluid flow path.
Bottle Caps and Stoppers
Closure systems for bottles, carboys and flasks. giving you the ability to tailor the configuration to your exact needs. Our stoppers are designed to be fully compatible with the industries leading containers.
Injection Molding
We are continually investing in our molding capabilities to ensure we evolve with the needs of the bioprocessing industry. We know how important it is to be a responsive supplier that can get you high quality parts as quickly as possible. We maintain in-house design and tool building capabilities which means we can dramatically reduce the production lead time of your new parts. Where other suppliers will quote you project timelines in months we can quote in weeks and sometimes even days.
Custom Tube Kits

We offer tube set design and manufacturing services using a wide variety of components and materials. We produce high-quality, cost-effective parts delivered with short lead times. A well designed tube sets helps you increase productivity and reduce operating costs.


  • ISO Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing
  • Wide variety of component and material of construction options
  • Parts delivered quickly
  • Sterilization options available including gamma irradiation.
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