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Ranging from TPE tubing to customized injection molded components, our products are fused with innovation to enhance performance for your critical fluid transfer needs.

Tubing, bottle cap and stoppers, as well as custom tube kits are offered by themselves or integrated into any number of assembly arrangements.

W-TPE Biopharmaceutical Tubing

For decades, W-TPE™ has been considered a standard material in biopharmaceutical processing. Our material is specifically formulated and tested to meet the rigorous demands of the biopharm industry. This versatile tubing is capable of handling a wide variety of applications including sensitive fluid transfer and peristaltic pumping.

Transfer Bottle Assembly

Designed for efficient aseptic transfer, WHK offers a wide variety of stopper configurations, containers, and accessories that meet the rigorous standards of the biopharmaceutical, laboratory, and life science industries.

Caps and Stoppers

Single-Use Assemblies

Reduced cross-contamination risks, simplified cleaning procedures, and customizable solutions are just a few key reasons single-use systems have emerged as a key manufacturing platform for the global biopharmaceutical community. WHK’s team offers decades of industry experience and we’re ready to put it to work for you.


  • Aseptic Transfer Bottles
  • W-TPE™ Tubing
  • Overmolding and Injection Molding Technology
  • Device Assembly
Single Use Components

Custom Tube Kits

We offer tube set design and manufacturing services using a wide variety of components and materials. We produce high-quality, cost-effective parts delivered with short lead times. A well-designed tube set helps you increase productivity while reducing operating costs and contamination risks.

Custom Tube Kits
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