Single-Use Assemblies for the Biopharma Industry

Reduce cross-contamination risks. Simplify cleaning procedures. Customize solutions. Single-use assemblies address all of these issues and have emerged as a key manufacturing platform for the global biopharmaceutical community.

WHK BioSystems’ single-use consumables, including single-use manifolds, aseptic transfer bottle assemblies, and custom tube kits, streamline upstream processes while protecting the quality you’re accustomed to. Regardless of your company’s unique process, a variety of products and components can be assembled to meet your specific needs.

With a large inventory of commonly used components in stock, we are able to offer competitive lead times with quick delivery of goods. Plus, we are continually developing our supply chain flexibility to provide you with single-use solutions as efficiently as possible.

Short Lead Times

With a large component inventory available, we can quote in days, not weeks or months.

Extensive Library

A tooling library in Silicone and TPE means we can produce what you want, when you need it.

Experienced Teams

Our teams have the material and process expertise to handle the most demanding requirements.

We are here to help.

We understand that each process is unique and often complex. Let’s chat about your requirements and where we can help.

Customized Solutions for Every Process

Our bottle assemblies accommodate most standard bottle sizes and offer a variety of configurations.

Typical applications include batch sampling, cell culture, media/buffer storage, and general lab research.

From “Package to Production,” sterilization options allow for immediate use right out of the bag.

 Highly customizable to suit unique processes and design requirements.


A well-designed tube set helps you increase productivity while reducing operating costs and contamination risks. It also meets the demands of the life science, biotech, and medical industries.

Tube sets are customized to meet your exact process and design requirements.

Integrated with a variety of tubing materials that are BPA, Latex, Phthalate, and animal-free.

Options can include filters, connectors, and sterilization.


Cell and gene therapy processes can vary widely, and custom, single-use manifolds can help increase productivity, reduce cost, and aid with scalability. Choose for a variety of arrangements, including:

A range of material choices for tubing.

Connections including Y, T, cross.

Filtration options.

Sample bags and bottles.

Caps and stoppers.


A core competency of WHK, injection molded and overmolded solutions provide the cleanest, most secure fluid management products in the industry.

Extensive tooling library in TPE and silicone materials, we offer clean, secure fluid management components.

With contract manufacturing, our diverse injection press sizing allows for full production scalability.

Experienced engineering team with material and processing expertise to handle the most demanding requirements.


Single-Use Technology by Design


Options include Overmolded and Barbed Connectors, Filters, Clamps, Nozzles, Tubing

Single-Use Tubing in Silicone and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Double Bagging

Custom Packaging Available

Gamma Irradiated Upon Request


Batch Sampling

Cell Cultures

Media/Buffer storage

General Lab Research


Cell and Gene Therapies



TFF (Tangential Flow Filtration)

Lessen Cross-Contamination Risks

Components can arrive sterile and go straight to disposal after a single use.

Simplified Cleaning Procedures

Single-use components do not require cleaning and sanitizing like Stainless-Steel systems.

Improved Efficiencies

Single-use technology allows you to proceed from batch to batch without excessive downtime due to sanitizing.

Experienced Team

Engineering team has material and processing expertise to handle demanding requirements. Design Team with hi-tech labs allows us to design products without losing sight of cost, quality, or delivery.

Quality Manufacturing

ISO 13485 quality management system, Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing, FDA-registered facility. Decades of regulatory and industry knowledge.