TubeCube® Tubing Connector System

What is the TubeCube® System and How Does it Work?

WHK’s TubeCube® Tubing Connector System (Patent Pending) is the industry’s most convenient way to connect several different tubing types and sizes to one single connection point. The innovative design creates a virtually leak-proof seal between tubes while providing a smooth inner bore with unrestricted fluid flow path. See how they’re put together here.

What are the Advantages of the TubeCube® Tubing Connector System?
  • Join several of the industry’s most common tubing types including C-flex®, Advantaflex®, PharMed® and Silicone in a single TubeCube®*
  • Join different tube sizes in a single TubeCube® eliminating the need for step-down connections.
  • Fewer connections mean less chance for contamination and leaks
  • Get the reliability of overmolded connections without the overmolded price
  • Use any length of tubing you desire between connections – no restrictions
  • Smooth inner bore gives you unrestricted flow and minimizes turbulence


Depending on complexity, quantity and availability of parts, our lead times are usually between 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of P.O. and final approval of drawings, not 14 to 16 weeks like the other guys.

Advantaflex® is a registered trademark of New Age Industries. C-Flex® and Pharmed® are registered trademarks of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.

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