Single-Use Component Manufacturing, Assembly & More

Industry demand for single-use systems has increased rapidly in recent years. Lead times and costs for these products and services have ballooned as well. Our company was founded in response to these challenging trends. We can provide single-use solutions that are cost-effective and time-sensitive.

Our facility operates under ISO 9001 guidelines and is ISO 13485 certified. All of our manufacturing capabilities can be produced within an ISO Class 7 cleanroom environment.

From a collaborative design experience to precision manufacturing and component assembly, WHK BioSystems can help you meet all of your production needs!

Clean Room Assembly & Packaging
Attention to Detail

When it comes to cleanroom assembly and packaging of sub-components and finished products, we “sweat the small stuff.” We pay close attention to the details and that makes the biopharmaceutical, life science and medical communities breathe easier. 


  • Collaborative engineering and design
  • Custom approach to detailed assembly
  • Time-sensitive turn around on quoting and delivery
Cleanroom assembly
Product Design
We Know What Works

From concept to production, allow us to partner with you to design the ideal solution for your application. It only takes an idea or simple sketch to get started.

We can perform 3D printing of designs to rapid prototyping to get you to market quicker. From critical fluid handling systems for bioprocessing to medical device consumables, WHK BioSystems is here to help!

Contract Manufacturing of Medical Device Components & Assemblies

Partner With Us

We can partner with you to manufacture an existing component or explore your designs further to streamline your supply chain. We are here to solve design challenges and drive down costs.

We offer a full suite of services ranging from design to inventory management. We know that your decision to outsource is an exercise in trust. You need a responsive supplier you can count on. See what WHK can do for you!

Medical Tubing Extrusion

Precise Extrusion

We are flexible, adaptable, and precise. That’s why customers have chosen us to extrude their medical supplies for decades. With a Class 7 cleanroom and ISO 13485 certification, our facility can manufacture devices, tubing and more to your exact specifications. All actiivites are done in a highly-controlled environment.

With endless configurations and variations, we are here to help you navigate your extrusion needs. The outcome is exactly what you expected. Our capabilities allow us to supply you with high-quality products time and time again.

Injection Molding

From Design to Mold to Done

We are continually investing in our molding capabilities to ensure we evolve with the needs of the bioprocessing industry. We know how important it is to be a responsive supplier that can get you high quality parts as quickly as possible.

We maintain in-house design and tool building capabilities. That means we can dramatically reduce production lead time of your parts. Other suppliers will quote you project timelines in months, but we can quote in weeks and sometimes even days!