Custom Tube Kits

WHK BioSystems knows that a well-planned tube kit helps increase productivity while reducing operating costs and contamination risks. That is why we offer clients custom tube set designs and manufacturing services using a wide variety of components and materials. High-quality, cost-effective parts are produced and delivered with shorter lead times.

Unique Processes Call For Custom Kits

We offer a wide variety of components and material options.

 WHK can supply tubing options including industry-leading brands like C-Flex®, Colder, Advantapure® and Pharmed BPT®.

Parts are delivered on time and meet all parameters set.

WHK maintains an ISO 13485:2016 registered quality management system and operates two Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing facilities.

C-Flex® and Pharmed BPT® are registered trademarks of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. Advantapure® is a registered trademark of New Age Industries.