• tubecube tubing connector system

    The TubeCube® Tubing Connector System


    WHK’s TubeCube® Tubing Connector System lets you join different types and sizes of tubing in a single step. Get many manifolds & assemblies in just 4 - 6 weeks!


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  • TPE Biopharm Tubing

    Our TPE Single-Use Class VI Tubing is Clearly Superior!

    Whether you need TPE tubing for the testing of biopharm products, single-use assemblies, manifolds, or TPE tubing for pumps, we've got you covered.

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  • Next Generation Product Design

    Contract Manufacturing of 
    Single Use Components & Assemblies

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  • Clean Room Assembly & Packaging

    Clean Room Assembly
    & Packaging

    We can assemble your medical devices in our 2,400 SF ISO Class 7 (10,000) Clean Room.  More…

  • Production & Sterilization

    Production & Sterilization

    State-of-the-art production, testing, inspection, sterilization and packaging equipment ensures that we ship on time, every time. More…


We're WHK BioSystems. We used to be Consolidated Polymer Technologies (CPT).* We developed C-Flex®* into the most recognized name in TPE single-use biopharmaceutical tubing until we sold CPT and the C-Flex® brand* in 2007.


We're back and we're offering you our TPE Class VI biotubing, caps, stoppers and our TubeCube® Tubing Connector System at great prices while providing you the excellent service you deserve.

At WHK, we're ISO 13485 Certified. We offer you our signature product, TPE Single-Use Class VI Tubing, as well as:

  • Caps, stoppers and connectors
  • Clean room assembly of single-use manifolds
  • Leak detection, pressure testing & sterilization
  • Inventory management and delivery  
  • Product design services
  • Plastic injection molding & overmolding
  • RF welding, laser cutting & engraving   

TubeCube. WHK’s TubeCube® Tubing Connector System (patent pending) is composed of cubes that serve as connection points in tubing assemblies and manifolds. Each cube comes in two sections, a top and a bottom. A tapered end is molded onto the end of each tube to be joined. The desired tube sizes (or a simple plug) are then inserted into the bottom half of the cube. The two sections of the cube are then screwed together, securing the connection. The tapered ends come together within the cube to make a virtually leak-proof seal, forming the fluid path and providing a smooth inner bore with unrestricted flow. You get the strength of overmolding without the overmolded price.

Manifolds and Assemblies in Weeks, NOT Months! Tired of being told lead times of 14 to 16 weeks for your manifolds and assemblies?  Depending on complexity, quantity and availability of parts, our lead times are usually between 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of P.O. and final approval of drawings.

Class 7 Clean Room. Our 2,400 square foot, ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) Clean Room in Clearwater, Florida, is equipped to take on your most demanding challenges.

Contact us and let us assist you with your biopharmaceutical needs at 855-WHK-BIO1 (855-945-2461) or 727-209-8404 or E-Mail Us Here.

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*C-Flex® is a federally registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp(SGPPC). The tradenames Consolidated Polymer Technologies, Inc. and CPT are owned by SGPPC. WHK BioSystems, LLC is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with SGPPC.


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Our TPE Single-Use Class VI Tubing is Clearly Superior at a Great Price!

Whether you need TPE tubing for testing biopharm products, single-use assemblies, manifolds, peristaltic pumps, research, or general purpose lab uses, we've got you covered.  Our TPE Class VI tubing is clearly superior at a Great Price. A full validation package is available on request, so converting to our Class VI tubing is a breeze!

We also offer bottle caps, stoppers, as well as our revolutionary TubeCube tubing connector system. Overmolding, ties, and crimping are history!  Learn More...