W-TPE™ Single-Use Biopharmaceutical Tubing

Considered a standard material in biopharmaceutical processing for decades, this versatile tubing is capable of handling a wide variety of applications including sensitive fluid transfer and peristaltic pumping. Our W-TPE™ Biopharmaceutical Tubing Technical Data document provides further tubing details, while the Chemical Resistance Guide offers information on the interaction between W-TPE™ tubing and the most common substances that utilize it for transfer.

Our W-TPE™ tubing can also be fully integrated into any of our single-use solutions such as our Bottle Assemblies and Custom Tube Sets.

Quality W-TPE Tubing
W-TPE Tubing
Device Assembly
Aseptic Transfer Bottles

Features & Benefits

Extruded in class 7 cleanroom environments
Heat sealable, weldable and moldable
Phthalate, BPA, and Latex-free, Animal Derived Component Free (ADCF)
Tube sizes range from 0.063″ ID to 1.5″ ID
Maintains flexibility from -50°F to 275°F
REACH and RoHS compliant
Less permeable than silicone tubing
Documented lot tracing, custom printing, and packaging available

Tubing Applications

Buffer / Media Prep
Bioprocess sampling
Aseptic liquid transfer
Peristatic pumping
Cell culture
Single-use bioreactors
Catheter / IV applications
Vaccine Production




Durometer Hardness (Shore A)ASTM D224065A
Tensile Strength (psi/Mpa)D4121406
Elongation (%)D412792
Tear Resistance, ppi(kN/m)D624219
Tensile ModulusD412388 (100%)
609 (300%)

Tubing Compatibility

USP Class VIUSP 85
USP 788USP 87
ISO 10993-3ISO 10993-4
ISO 10933-5ISO 10933-11


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