W-TPE™ Tubing

W-TPE™ Single-Use Biopharmaceutical Tubing

Considered a standard material in biopharmaceutical processing for decades, our thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a versatile tubing capable of handling a wide variety of applications including sensitive fluid transfer and peristaltic pumping.

Manufactured in our Class 7 Cleanroom facility, our W-TPE™ tubing is available in full spools and cut-to-length sizes, as well as be fully integrated into any of our single-use solutions such as our Bottle Assemblies and Custom Tube Sets.

Our W-TPE™ Biopharmaceutical Tubing Technical Data document provides further tubing details, while the Chemical Resistance Guide offers information on the interaction between W-TPE™ tubing and the most common substances that utilize it for transfer.


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Extruded TPE Tubing


Class 7 Cleanroom Extrusion
Weldable and Heat Sealable
Sizes from 0.063″ ID to 1.5″ ID
Flexibility from -50°F to 275°F
REACH and RoHS Compliant
Less Permeable than Silicone
Phthalate, BPA/Latex-free
Documented Lot Tracing
Custom Printing Available
Custom Packaging Available


Buffer / Media Prep
Bioprocess Sampling
Aseptic Liquid Transfer
Peristatic Pumping
Cell Culture
Single-Use Bioreactors
Catheter / IV Applications
Vaccine Production




Durometer Hardness Shore A:
ASTM D2240, 65A

Tensile Strength (psi/Mpa):
ASTM D412, 1406

Elongation (%):
ASTM D412, 792

Tear Resistance, ppi(kN/m):
ASTM D624, 219

Tensile Modulus:
ASTM D412, 388 (100%)
ASTM D412, 609 (300%)



USP Class VI
USP 788
USP 85
USP 87
ISO 10993-3
ISO 10993-4
ISO 10933-5
ISO 10933-11

Quality W-TPE Tubing
Device Assembly
Aseptic Transfer Bottles
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