Molded Sanitary Connectors for Single-Use Technology

WHK BioSystems manufactures molded platinum-cured silicone and TPE sanitary connections for critical fluid transfer applications in the biopharmaceutical, cell therapies, and medical industries.

All components are USP Class VI compliant and formulated to meet the highest sanitary standards and chemical purity.

Class 7 Cleanroom Environment

Sanitary connectors are injection molded in a Class 7 cleanroom facility.

ISO 13485 Standards

WHK’s ISO 13485 quality management system ensures the manufacture of the highest quality product available in the industry.

Sanitary Connection with Stainless Back Up Cup

Quality Connectors

Sanitary connectors are made with molded TPE or platinum-cured silicone and come single or double-ended with a polysulfone or Stainless back up cup.

Key Properties

Remains flexible
Certified Free of Animal-Derived Ingredients
Silicone retains temp. range of -100° F to 400° F




Gamma Irradiation

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When You Need the Very Best in Sanitary Connections


1-1/2″ (Standard) or 3/4″ (Mini) Sanitary Connections
Single or Double Ended Sanitary Connections
Choice of Polysulfone or Stainless Back Up Cup
Biopharmaceutical Grade Platinum-cured Silicone or TPE Tubing
Standard Tube Lengths: 12″, 18″, 24″, 36″


Eliminate barbed connectors & cable ties
Smooth interior surface provides seamless fluid transfer
Standard Gamma Irradiated
Documented lot traceability / packaging identification
Custom assemblies available


All product contact surfaces use material tested to the following:

USP Class VI

ISO 10993-5

ISO 10993-6

ISO 10993-10

ISO 10993-11

Disclaimer: User is responsible for determining suitability and safety of all products for intended use. Information as supplied on this site is intended to provide guidance only. WHK BioSystems disclaims all liability regarding product fitness for use. WHK BioSystems has also relied on raw material suppliers for a portion of the information and compliance statements contained on this site.

WHK BioSystems, LLC, maintains an ISO 13485:2016 registered quality management system. It operates Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing facilities.